Review: Malin + Goetz Essential Kit

Malin + Goetz is a brand I”m always curious about while strolling through Space NK. Before this kit the only product of theirs that I’ve used is the Acne Treatment, which you can read more about in my Spot Treatment Spotlight post. Anyway, this Essential Kit is a great way to test out some of their products ranging from skincare to haircare. Considering the prices of the full-sized products I think the kit is very reasonably priced and is great for anyone wanting to test out the brand.


Grapefruit Face Cleanser (29ml)
This is the only product out of the kit I haven’t used yet. I’m trying to keep some stability in my skincare at the moment and Grapefruit tends to break me out for some reason. Apparently this cleansing gel is supposed to be great for sensitive skin and is perfect for removing makeup. If I get brave enough to give it a try I will let you know how it goes!
Full size-£25

Vitamin E Face Moisturiser (29ml)
This is an excellent moisturiser for under my makeup because it hydrates my skin without leaving it greasy feeling. I usually love “vitamin e” type of products because they’re calming on the skin and help to combat my dry patches. Definitely a product I’d consider purchasing.
Full size-£36

Bergamot Body Wash (29ml)
I don’t know if you know this about me, but I LOVE the scent of bergamot. Seriously. It’s up there with rose. Anyway, as I suspected I adore this body wash. It scents the entire bathroom, but the best part is that it was incredibly soothing on my arms and legs which have eczema . I’m almost finished with this sample & it’s going to be a hard one to live without. That being said, they also have a Eucalyptus Shower Gel which I MUST get a whiff of soon!
Full size-£15.50

Vitamin B5 Body Moisturiser (29ml)
This has the same bergamot/lemon scent that I love and goes beautifully with the body wash. It actually smells a bit like the Caudalie Zest de Vigne products now that I think about it. It’s a rich moisturiser, but sinks into the skin very quickly. Thumbs up from me!
Full size-£28

Peppermint Shampoo (29ml)
I do love “Tingly Things”, so I was very excited to try this Peppermint Shampoo! I love shampoos that make your scalp tingle and feel fresh. This certainly didn’t disappoint and was probably my favourite product from the kit. It left my hair so bouncy and light, it was easy to style and in general…IT.IS.AMAZING. If I didn’t already have shampoo/conditioner on the go I would definitely buy this.
Full size-£16

Cilantro Conditioner (29ml)
I wasn’t expecting to like this, but the scent goes surprisingly well with the Peppermint Shampoo. It’s very nourishing, but doesn’t weigh your hair down in the slightest. It did great things for detangling as well. Very impressed with the haircare in general.
Full size-£16.50

I think I’ve fallen for a few of these products through this little kit.
I think it would make an excellent gift for any beauty lover.

Have you ever tried anything from Malin+Goetz? Does anything stand out to you?

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  • Cate Elise

    This looks amazing…I especially want to try the Vitamin E moisturiser! I always find vitamin E products help my skin out.

    Plus how pretty would they look on my dressing table! :) xoxo

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  • Katie

    I’ve been lusting after this for a while- thinking of buying it for my holidays! Do you think there’s enough in each tube for a week away? xx

  • Shruti

    This does look amazing but I have used their Vitamin E moisturiser and it broke me out :(

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  • Caromable

    i have been wanting to try this for ages. i love their style and the cool packaging. since i can´t get any of their products where i live i have not tried much. the shower gel and shampoo sound great though, so i will definitely give them ago as soon as i get my hands on them!

  • Kayla

    Their product packaging is right up my ally. The colors are awesome too. I’m all about sampler kits too!

  • Maddy Cane

    This looks amazing, I really want to try their range! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  • Hannah

    I like the simple packaging and I’d be interested in body and hair products if I could find it around here.

  • Madeline Murray

    The packaging is so cute ! Love the rainbow look

  • Katie Hastings

    These look so cool, and the packaging is so sweet :)

  • Celina

    The kit is so cute and I think this set would be so good for travel.

  • mascarawarrior

    Awesome! I’ve never heard of this company before. That packaging is really cute, too!

    Em x

  • Thrift Thick

    Would have been handy to have had this set for your colors of the rainbow tag haha ;) Jokes aside this looks like a lovely little starter kit; these types of things are always such a great way to find new products to love without going all in!


  • Daphne Shen

    I think I’d buy the set just for the pretty colors alone, but now with this review, I can justify spending money for something more than the packaging xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate | bloglovin’

  • Mira Devils

    Looks like a great kit. It’s always good to have the chance to test the products before you buy the full size <3



  • Ash

    Packaging is so cute! Might have to give these products a try..

  • Lauren Lequime

    Never heard of this brand, but £20 for all those sounds like great value. I love having little testers to try out before you commit yourself to an expensive product! x

  • Schaars

    Looks really interesting. Like the packaging a lot!

  • Lauren

    I love the rainbow packaging!


  • Chic-a-Dee

    peppermint shampoo sounds heavenly!

  • Elina Chin

    I’m using their vitamin b5 hand treatment, and it’s doing wonders for me!

  • Alexandra Miehe

    I have never tried anything from this brand but i would definitely want to try the bergamot body wash as I too am obsessed with the smell!!

  • disqus_KqkT7hjAY7

    The peppermint shampoo sounds INSANE!!!! yum!!

  • Heels Forever

    Never tried any of these products before, always thought the packaging looked a bit clinical but they sound really nice. Love the sound of the Eucalyptus Shower Gel, am going to have to try it out xx

    Heels forever

  • Stéphanie Ponsonnaille

    Honestly, i doesn’t know that brand. I’m a French blogger so I like discovery a news brands from all around and this brand looks very interesting. But what Malin+Goetz was specially ? Skincare ? Haircare ?

  • Lorilee

    These look and sound amazing. I have never tried anything from that brand before but I am glad you’ve brought them to my attention


  • Darcy Day

    Just reading this I want to run out and buy this kit! The shampoo and conditioner sound heavenly! Natural products like this I am a sucker for :-) Great review and post! I always look forward to your posts!
    -Darcy xx

  • Sendie.prevereau

    Hi from a fellow Canadian expat! :) The vit E cream is definitely a favorite of mine! Qantas Airlines gives tiny kits of Malin + Goetz products (hand cream, vit E face cream and lip balm) to their business travelers. My husband travels often and he always makes sure to bring the kits back to me.