Canada Day in London 2013 | Trafalgar Square



Canada Day in London | 2013

This was my third year spending Canada Day in London! I always love going down to Trafalgar Square because there’s a huge celebration in the daytime and then a concert at night. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay for the concert this time around because we had other plans, but I was glad we got to stop by for a couple of hours!

Of course I had to go grab a bite of poutine (it’s not REALLY poutine, but it tried) and of course Aslan wanted a Molson! I heard that Tim Hortons WILL be at next year’s celebration (something to do with their contract not allowing them to promote in the UK for two years?) but that is very exciting news!

Anyway, hope you liked our vlog showing you a bit of the festivities! As we mentioned, we’re going to Canada for the last two weeks in July so there will be many more Canada vlogs to come!

Happy Canada Day!

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  • Mira Devils

    Wow I wouldn’t spend 5 GBP for beer but I never drink it anyway. Glad you guys had a great time. Love the cute video :D



  • Katie Hastings

    Trafalgar Square looks so nice!

  • Maddy Cane

    Love the vlog! This looks like such a fun event to go to! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  • Sarah Beth

    haha, greatest vlog ever. Wonderful :)

  • Amy

    A little bit of home in your second home :D How lovely, I didn’t realise this occurred in London.

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  • Shruti

    Yep lots of Canadians in London.. happy belated Canada Day!

  • Monica

    I love this! I celebrated in Ottawa and it was a lot of fun. Carly Rae Jepson performed, but I missed it. I did try the poutine and it was glorious.


  • Janine Maral

    love this! I am a proud Canadian!

    – Janine

  • Hannah
  • GirlLovesGloss

    Wow that looks like so much fun! Happy Canada day from Vancouver :-)

  • Isabelle Ofume

    This is so awesome!

  • miriam

    well done aslan for spotting that little puppy. so cute & very distracting from canada day which looked brilliant btw. xx

  • KateGrabon

    Aslan and the puppy…that just made my day haha

  • Deborah

    Keep the vlogs coming… makes me miss London even more! x

  • Erin Bulger

    This year was the first I heard about there being celebrations in London! How fantastic and crazy!

  • Darling Zara

    Hope you had a great day!!

  • Hayfa

    I WAS THERE! :D (even though I’m not actually Canadian…)


  • Celina

    POUTINE! I’m going to Montreal this summer so I’ll be trying REAL POUTINE soon. ;D
    I’m loving these vlogs, by the way! :)


    Celina | The Celution

  • Icingontheface

    When you go to Canada you HAVE to do haul videos! (There’s no question of whether you’re going to shop or not :P) I love seeing what North American products you pick up! :)


  • Annika Lin

    canada seems so coool. looks so much more fun than 4th of july, hahaha.

  • flailsandnails

    This is so random but if you are ever in Belfast or even Dublin I think, we have Tim Hortons! I think its in a few Spar shops over here. There’s one right beside the train station by my uni and during exam time, all I think about is my study breaks and eating a Tim Horton’s donut. Chocolate covered donut with vanilla/cream custard filling please!

  • Victoria

    Are you on the youth mobility Visa? I’m from Toronto and I hope to celebrate next Canada day in Trafalgar Square! :)

  • Alexandra Tavares

    is it weird that i wish i was there even if im not canadian? :D looks like it was amazing, hope you gad a great time ! xx

  • Helena Whitehead

    Looks so fun!

  • Charlotte

    It’s so lovely to see how involved and enthusiastic Aslan is about your culture :) Looks like so much fun – I’ve never heard of Canada Day before now!

    Charlotte xxx Something Special To Say

  • Alexandra Miehe

    That is so cool that they have Canada Day in the UK!! This year Canada day in Quebec was extremely warm and filled with BBQ and beer for me!! I loved it!!

  • Sara

    Tim Hortons next year?! I’m so going. I’m also a Canadian living in the UK for the past three years since yesterday actually, and I miss my timmies so much! haha

  • Myra

    Can you do a blog post / youtube video about best products/fashion items to have when living in London? I will also be a Canadian girl living in the UK come this September!

  • Jean

    Oh, my gosh. I just started looking at your vlogs since a couple of weeks ago and it’s weird to see that you’re actually in London! (I live here. :) ) Would be great to able to meet you. (So weird for me to say this here because I’ve never said anything like this to a complete stranger.)

  • Justice James

    I had no idea that there were Canada Day celebrations in London! I’m moving to England in September so it’s good to know there will be a little slice of home over there so I can still celebrate from across the pond! Also, big brownie points for helping to satisfy those inevitable Timmies cravings. Thanks for the post :D