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Enjoying and wearing makeup is one thing we all have in common (I’m assuming we have that in common because you’re reading a beauty blog), but after a long day it must come off! I’ve tried many different methods of removing my makeup, but this is the routine that I’ve been using consistently and find most effective.

Origins Clean Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil-£21
Before I go at it with a cleanser, I try to remove the bulk of my makeup with a cleansing oil. I don’t like using face wipes because 1. they dry my skin out & 2. Caroline Hirons says not to.   I apply this cleansing oil directly onto my dry, fully made-up skin and massage it in for 1-2 minutes. Then I run some water over my fingertips & continue to massage-this creates a milky texture & then I rinse it off. This removes most of my makeup, but I still like to use a separate cleanser-I think this is known as the double cleanse! This product is not sold with a pump, but you can buy one for £2 & I would highly recommend it otherwise using this product becomes a bit messy.

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm-£34
Sick of hearing about this cleanser yet? I have yet to come across someone who doesn’t like this cleansing balm. It is a bit more effort at the end of the day to use a cleansing balm, but after seeing the benefits I don’t mind spending an extra two minutes over the sink each night. It moisturises my face, removes any extra makeup & leaves my skin feeling soft and ready for bed! I only use this product at night time (I have other cleansers I prefer for the morning) and would highly recommend it to ANYONE! It smells gorgeous, has a luxurious texture and is just plain amazing. Unfortunately, the packaging isn’t the best and it tends to leak oil into the cap & into my medicine cabinet! Grrrr…!

L’Oréal Micellar Solution-£4.99
Possibly the best bargain micellar solution out there? I bought this on Gemma’s recommendation and I’ve really been loving it to remove any pesky mascara/liquid eyeliner. For some reason I find it dries out the rest of my face so I prefer to  use Bioderma for that, but overall I think this is a great makeup remover & I will continue to use it for my eye makeup.

Face Cloths & Cotton Pads
Another recommendation from Caroline Hirons-face clothes of course! When I was a kid my mom used to wash my face with a warm face cloth so why did I ever stop using one? Rebellion? Either way, I’ve grown up and come back around to using warm face cloths to wash my face. After I massage the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm I remove it with a face cloth, which also doubles as a gentle exfoliator.

Cotton pads are a bit of an obvious one, but I wanted to mention that my favourite ones are these big oval ones with “exfoliating pads” on them. This is a very boring subject, but if you have access to a Boots give these Cotton Wool Double Faced Oval Pads a try! They remove my eye makeup better than any other cotton pads & are very soft!

What products do you use to remove your makeup?
Do you think you’ll give any of these a try?

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  • Janine Maral

    i’ve heard so much about the loreal cleanser! must…try…

    – Janine


  • Kourtney

    I really want to try the amazing face. Have heard nothing but good things about it, but you can’t get it where I live :(


    • Alicia

      Hey! Try feelunique.com for the Emma Hardie cleansing balm.. It’s on sale at the moment and she ship free worldwide! I live in Australia and I just got it :)


  • Louise Nickel

    Fantastic post! Thanks heaps! =] xx.

  • http://life-etcblog.blogspot.com.au/ Corinne

    I haven’t tried these products, but I definitely do the double cleanse as well. I use the Mac Cleanse Off Oil to remove make-up (it’s amazing – rinses off and out of face cloths sooo much easily than normal oil!!) and then whatever cleanser feels right for my skin at the time (at the moment I’m using a few Michael Todd and Clarins cleansers) :)


  • disqus_61ZpffsK95

    I loooove the EH cleansing balm, really wanna try the loreal cleanser!


  • Linsay Openshaw

    I really want to try L’oreals micellar solution but I have so many products on the go at the moment.

  • http://alittleboatsailing.blogspot.co.uk/ Amy

    I think I read somewhere that the packaging may be being changed for the Emma Hardie Balm, have you heard this at all? I’m holding off buying it just in case.

    This looks like a really nice routine :)

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  • Claire Wilkinson

    All of the products look so nice :) Would you recommend the Emma Hardie face balm for people with combination-oily skin? xx

    • Jenny Hounslow

      I have super oily skin and have been using EH face balm at night followed by Boots Tea tree & witch hazel night gel, then finally Boots botanics shine away mattifying gel cream and found its actually reducing the oiliness. Mornings I use the liz earle hot cloth cleanser followed but the gel cream moisturiser I mentioned above as I feel I dont need the balm as theres not so much to take off, plus I dont want to waste it where its not needed being its the price it is. Apparently the Boots botanics cleansing balm is really good, I’m giving it a go after I finish the EH balm as its such a price to splash out. I have seen a huge improvement on my skin since using this routine, reduced oiliness & break outs x

      • Claire Wilkinson

        Okay sounds good! Thank you :) x

  • G.C

    I have been looking for a micellar water for a while now that does not have a crazy price! Looks like I shall be testing L’oreal :)

  • Pippa Jones

    The origins Cleansing oil is something I have been is 2 minds about buying because I have oily skin but its definitely something I wanna pick up now!

    Pipp xx


  • Niamh Ellen

    Lately I have been really enjoying the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm. My skin looks much better since I have started using it consistently. I agree with you about the packaging not being the best. I feel it really lets the product down and fingers crossed they upgrade it soon.
    Niamh x


  • http://redlipspinkcheeks.blogspot.co.uk/ Georgie

    I use cleanser to get off my face makeup and most of my eye makeup, then I get what’s left of my eye makeup under my eyes off using moisturiser. Works a treat for me! Can’t bear wipes and also not so keen on cloths, I never feel quite clean when I use them.

  • Nina Carita

    You should try some products by Nourish. I love the Argan Skin Renew and the cleanser and toner in the protect range! They are very reasonably priced too. Sadly, the products are only available online on feelunique.com for now, but they are really worth a try! Especially if you struggle with dry skin