VIDEO: Tea Haul!

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tea OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There’s nothing like a good cup of tea and it was about time I replenished my stash. I ran out of my all time favourite ‘Liquorice + Peppermint’ from Teapigs and next thing I knew there was a rather large tea selection on its way over to me. I really hope you enjoyed seeing this tea haul (I know it’s not beauty related, but lots of you seem to love tea as much as I do). Please let me know your favourite brand of tea as well as favourite types/flavours.

For more information on what I’m wearing in this video etc. check my YouTube channel and take a peek into the description box.

Have a great weekend!

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  • Chelsea L

    I love that sweater! Where did you get it?

    • essiebutton

      There’s a link in the description box of the video. It’s from Topshop.

  • Ella Kyle-Taylor

    Tetley’s and Twinings, no other brand of tea even comes close to making its way into my tea cupboard :P

  • Fun Loving Kiminal

    TEA!! I love tea, can’t get enough, but after seeing this I may have to branch out (get it) and try some new flavours! Fun Loving Kiminal xx

  • Kasia

    Teavana, Adagio, Republic of Tea and Starbucks all carry awesome teas. I love the first 3 because of the quality of tea and the variety of flavours. All of them are amazing. You should look all of them up. They are really worth it.

  • Janelle Andrea

    You’ve convinced me to try Teapigs! I too offer my friends tea like an old lady haha! That licorice and peppermint flavor sounds divine. Teapigs is not readily available here in the States, but I know I can order through Amazon. And yes to more tea hauls!

  • Holly Cooke

    Love this video! The tea box idea is so awesome, perfect for Christmas presents! x

  • Miranda Mendoza

    I loooove tea. In the morning and at night, come winter you’ll never see me without a tea mug in my hand!

    <3 Miranda from

  • Annelie Komorowska

    This is exactly my type of haul! Teapigs seem amazing, such creative packaging!

  • Carly Jade

    I loveeee the Liquorice and Peppermint TeaPigs tea! It’s a bit expensive so at the minute I’ve got the Pukka version…nice but not as nice as TeaPigs!

  • Elena

    Really enjoyed this video! I am forever buying tea, my cupboards in my house are literally full of the stuff and my housemates are always joking that I only ever come into the kitchen for a brew! Liquorice and Peppermint tea is very intriguing… Lately I’ve been really loving Twinings Camomile and Honey Tea :) xx
    kooky capricious

  • Beth Edwards

    i wish they were in the states. their shipping is a bit steep shipping to the US. ( :

  • Camille

    I love your video, I want to try them all :) Last week, my mom bought me David’s Tea’s Pumpkin Chai. It’s so good!!! So if you can get your hands on this…

  • Johanna J

    My favourite brand of tea is probably Pukka Tea! I do love teapigs though, especially their jasmine tea (quite expensive, but so so so so good and comforting!).
    Pukka has a liquorice and peppermint one too, which I really like. Other favourites are their night time tea (actually helps me to get sleepy at night, which might just be psychological, but who actually cares? Does the job), their cleanse tea, the golden chamomile one and three green teas. I love them all to be fair.
    This is a pretty long comment about tea, my apologies, but you know I get exited! I drink so much tea that my boyfriend has composed (I use that word very loosely) a little song every time my timer goes off for the tea, maybe Pukka wants to buy it for an advertisement one day, who knows. Still rambling on, will stop now. Have a nice weekend Estée :)

  • Kelsey L

    You need to try DavidsTea! Not only is it Canadian, but the selection is AMAZING! I’m a Canuck who lived in Scotland for a while, and I actually missed DavidsTea so much I had my family mail me care packages… my British flatmates were appalled that I had Canadian tea mailed to me when I could buy British tea, but it’s just that good! I highly recommend Jessie’s Tea (Lavender coconut rooibos!) and Oh Canada! (maple rooibos with maple leaf shaped candies, made everywhere smell like maple syrup while steeping and the flatmates complained I Canada-bombed the flat) if you do want to try something :)

    • Magali

      I second DavidsTea! I live in India & had to jump through a lot of hoops to buy it, but completely worth it!

  • Katintheuk

    I love Tea Pigs! My husband’s favourite is the liquorice and peppermint, too. Be careful though, too much liquorice can cause heart problems.

  • Ada Drgas

    Not a kind of tea, but definitely tea related: have you tried the caramel waffles that you put on a mug and the tea warms it up? They’re seriously amazing! I got addicted to them since my brother first brought them from the Netherlands ;) I like them especially with Earl Grey tea. xx

  • Zoë Baldwin

    I’m such a tea fan! Will have to check out Tea Pigs x x

  • Tori Russell

    Teapigs is by far my favourite tea! I especially love the camomile tea and the winter spice tea (which smells like straight up christmas) !!


  • Melissa Haack

    Hey! I was looking to get a tea selection like the one you got for your mum, but I can’t seem to find it on TeaPigs! Any chance I get get a link or did you just buy 12 individual teas and end up with a pretty box??

  • Natasha

    Fitting that I just restocked probably 6 months worth of tea from DavidsTea this this morning. And while I love DavidsTea (I’m drinking “Exotica” right now) my all time favourite is Teavana’s White Aryuvedic Chai – tastes like cinnamon hearts

  • Donna

    This has definitely put me in the mood to try some new flavors of tea, and i loved the little teapot, so cute :)

  • Guest

    I love Tea Pigs~~

  • abiti da sposa
  • Jennifer Monforton

    Ah, so nice! I’m a sucker for tea and it looks like you picked some good ones! There’s a tea shop here in Toronto called Tealish and it’s my all-time favourite :)

  • Isabelle McWilliam

    Teapigs tea is so so good, so jealous you have a shed load!

    It can’t be another beauty blog

  • Sheena Punk

    you should try chai tea latte with peppermint syrup at starbucks. i am not a chai tea lover myself but that one is so damn good. it is also good for a sore throat :)

  • scunningham

    I’m a fellow liquorice and peppermint tea lover, too! Hooray! I’m definitely going to try the popcorn tea, for sure.

    If you want to go out on a new tea limb, try Harney & Sons Fine Teas. Hot Cinnamon Sunset is the very best cinnamon tea, ever – it’s as good as a handful of those red hots candies. And the Chocolate and Mint (I know, you might be thinking right now, “NO. WAY.”) is really good – I was pleasantly surprised by it. I figured I would try it once and be over it, but I really like it.

    Harney & Sons teas have have a similar “tea temple” structure to the tea bags, too. :)

  • Sarah Beth

    This is SO AWESOME. I know exactly what I’ll be getting my mother- and myself- for Christmas!! I live off tea and this is such an amazing way to try new kinds!

  • Candace

    I’ve actually had a few people from South Africa (the home of the rooibos bush) instruct me to pronounce it “roy-boss” – I was surprised to hear you go with “ray-boss,” haha! Either way, it’s my favourite type of tea, mmmmmm :)

  • Georgie

    is this like the tea they give you at Aveda?!

  • Eloïse Auffret

    Ahhhh you made me want to try Teapigs !
    You have to try the brand Kusmi Tea. My all-time favourite is the strawberry-flavoured green tea. Go ahead and try it !

  • Lauren DellaFera

    That tea sampler is just TOO ADORABLE. I’m also a bit tea-obsessed myself (…It takes a whole cabinet in my kitchen just to store my collection…), so I very much appreciate hearing that I’m not alone! I’ve never heard of this brand before, but it sounds like they have some really wonderful flavors!

  • Rosie Hildersley

    Great call, I love teapigs, but I tend to get exciting tea from a stall here in Sheffield and make a massive pot.

    However, don’t you think that Rooibois/redbush smells like ham!!!

  • PeonyandPeach

    Mixing tea is definitely a thing! Love this video! I’ll definitely be getting the mini teas box! Have you been to the tea shop in Covent Garden? It’s amazing! Sorry I can’t remember what it’s called :S

  • Evangalene Adams

    Liquorice and Peppermint to the grave!

  • Shannon Elliott

    Did she have a chance to do the Davids Tea haul yet?

  • Ash Jobling

    I noticed they do teapigs in larger tescos now! I saw the peppermint and liquorice and had to get it :)

  • Nair

    Love tea… Please make another video… :)