Review: Maybelline Colour Elixirs!!!!!!

Captivating Carnation, Mandarin Rapture, Rose Redefined, Fuschia Flourish, Celestial Coral, Signature Scarlet, Breathtaking Apricot

After trying the Maybelline Colour Elixir in Fuchsia Flourish, which my friend Ashley kindly sent me, it clearly made quite the impression on me because I went crazy on them while in Canada. I wanted to see the stand for myself and bring home my most favourite shades from the range and tell you all how amazing these things are!

Maybelline Colour Elixirs-$8.99
Maybelline says it has the colour saturation of a lipstick, the high shine of a gloss and the moisturising feeling of a balm…and they aren’t embellishing for effect. These Colour Elixirs do exactly what they say they will, which makes them a hybrid lip product that gives you the best things from the lipstick world in just one product. This is starting to sound a bit like an infomercial, but I can barely stand how much I love these things. They’re so easy to slap on in the morning, but give your lips moisture, colour and a very high shine gloss. They aren’t long-wearing and are not marketed as a stain, however I noticed they do *slightly* stain the lips. At most they last 3-4 hours on the lips, but re-applying is so easy (you don’t need a mirror)-think of this more like a lipgloss with lots of pigment.

The wand is a spade-shaped sponge which makes it very easy because you can use the tip for more precision. The texture is not sticky-in fact it’s very smooth! It has a slight vanilla-y fragrance, which is appealing to me as well. For me, the key to this product is that it’s so hydrating. I have very dry lips and worry about wearing bold lip colours if my lips are slightly chapped. With the Elixirs you can have the POP without drawing attention to any imperfections. Trust me on this one-they’re the bomb.

I couldn’t think of a bad word to say about the Colour Elixirs.
They have become one of my favourite formulas of ALL TIME!

Have you tried these yet!? Anyone know when they launch in the UK?

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  • Kacey

    Had to come back to say — you were so right; these are the BEST. I want to wear them every single second. They feel amazing. How can a lip product be so awesome, but yes, it is. Thank you for reviewing these! I probably wouldn’t have tried them otherwise.

  • Cecilie Marie Lauritzen

    What colour is your favourite? :)

  • Megan Jackson

    These look and sound incredible! The sooner they’re released over here the better because there’s at least five of the colours you picked up that I want – no, NEED – to try! xx

    Find out what product has been keeping blemishes at bay on my blog!

  • Meredith Cheng

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG want them immediately!!!

  • Kate Jones

    Well, you raved about these so much that I couldn’t help myself and bought 2! LOVE THEM!!! thanks, Essie!!

  • Grace

    wow i can’t wait for these to come out in the UK!

    i love the rose redefined colour!

  • xlaraleex

    after reading a bunch of reviewson these lately i HAVE to check them out.

  • Jill Danielsen

    I just bought Captivating Carnation and I seriously LOVE IT! Everything you said, the color, how smooth it goes on, and the hydration is long lasting. There will be more in my future! Thanks for the great review.

  • Angeline Lee

    I’ve got mine yesterday! But in my country it’s called Lip Polish and I got the shade GLAM 3 which is the Breathtaking Apricot. The packaging and such are all the same though! :)

  • Aquaprincess

    I love the formula and colors, but the scent is perfumey and I don’t like that kind of scent on my lips. Scent is very important to me.

  • roseinajar

    Breathtaking Apricot looks lovely, can’t wait until they come to the UK!

  • Elle Hawthorne

    You convinced me to give them a try so I went out and bought two and now I want ALL OF THEM. I’m in love!

  • Rachel Atkinson

    Does anyone know when these will be released in the UK? X

  • Alison Lin

    I bought one cuz everyone is recommending it :-P It is pretty good overall but I really don’t appreciate the shimmering part :-( Are all of the collections shimmering??? If not, I would really like to try the others :-)

  • poppy

    How much we’re they

  • Hajira Yasmine

    Does anyone know if these are available in the uk?

  • Kat Parker

    They are now available in the UK!!

  • Jabby

    pretty colors!!! might purchase captivating carnation!

  • Asse1949

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