Sephora Beauty Haul

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Over Christmas time I was very excited to go to every Sephora I could (clearly I went to a few). This is a haul of all of the things I got online from the VIB sale (which gave me 20% off) as well as some things I’ve been after for awhile. Big thanks to my family for supplying the generous Sephora gift cards for Christmas (they know the way to my heart).

Lots of foundation and eyeshadow palettes caught my eye, so let me know if you’d like to see any reviews/swatches of the products I got!

Have you been to Sephora lately? Has anything caught your eye?

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  • Alisa

    This post/video really wants to make me fly back to Canada and head straight to Sephora! :D x.

  • Jennifer B.

    I think you’d really enjoy my blog! I want to know your thoughts on my newest post of the Smashbox Full Exposure palette!!

  • Julia

    That Tarte brush honestly looks like the softest thing ever! These look like great products! :)

  • NoOvernightGuests

    Gorgeous! I especially love the Mark Jacobs palette. This was actually a tiny new resolution. To save up and then just go in and walk around Sephora without a predetermined list and buy what catches my eye.

  • Abby Evans

    I really want to try the Fresh Lip Scrub.

  • Raizel Greco

    Love that Tarte primer!
    Ray | Obey Ray

  • WhatLoreloves

    Rachel Talbott also swears by the Josie Maran Argan oil, now i really want to try it! xo Lore visit me here

  • 나니

    omg so many goodies! *__*

  • Philip Donna Kamp

    Are you ever overwhelmed with your collection? I get OCD thinking I’m not using my collection of makeup as I should and often wish I had one lipstick, one blush,etc. do you ever feel like this?

  • Livia

    I went to sephora yesterday and I got my first eyeshadow primer, the Primer Potion and a couple of weeks ago I got the Naked basics Palette. I am really pleased and satisfied with both of them :)


    You did a nice job on this video! I’m new to your blog so I’m back tracking and seeing things for the first time. I agree… primers don’t have a great texture. It’s sometimes difficult to tell where you placed it on the face. I think we share a lot of the same beauty product interests. I own one of the Marc Jacobs eye shadows. It really looks like a red carpet product. Are you originally from England?

  • Husire

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