Sunday Bake-a-thon

bakingInstead of my usual LET ME SLEEP, pillow-over-face mood, I woke up yesterday feeling alert and ready to bake. It’s been a lonnnggg time since we had pancakes for breakfast, so I thought I’d get straight into the zone and make a delicious feast. As most of you know, I hate cooking, but I LOVE making breakfast…just don’t ask me to make eggs…I don’ OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI posted a photo on Instagram (@essiebutton) of my fluffy pancakes and had lots of people ask me what recipe I used. I might do a video on it, but my standby pancake recipe is here from The fluffy egg whites make all the difference…these things get seriously fluffed up.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo go with the pancakes I made some bacon (another one of my specialties AKA one of the three things I can actually cook well), cut up some strawberries & put some fresh OJ on the table. And obviously I bring crates of maple syrup back to England with me…only the good stuff will do *wink* Oh my! Please can I have this every morning? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA few hours later, Aslan’s sister popped by because she needed to bring some cookies into school. She came armed with the ingredients and a recipe for Cookies and Cream Cookies. I’ve never made these before, but I was confident I could tackle it-positivity is key when baking! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe recipe was really easy to follow and the batter was SOOOOOO good (gotta try the batter, right!?)! I have been informed that the cookies were a massive hit amongst her friends, so I will definitely keep this recipe on hand if I ever need to impress anyone with cookies. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe also tried to bake the Brownie Cookies, but sadly they didn’t turn out quite as delectably. You win some, you lose some! So that was my day yesterday! Sometimes I go through phases where I love to bake and other times I can’t be bothered. That being said, I’d rather bake than cook ANY day of the week.

Do you prefer baking or cooking?
Make sure you tweet me a picture if you try any of these recipes yourself!

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  • Amelia Holly

    I wish my housemates were willing to bake more – It’s one thing I miss now that I am at uni!

    Those cookies look amazing!

  • Brittany Seel

    I’m always in the mood to bake on Sundays too, I don’t know why?! These look amazing :D

    Bea x

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  • SophsChoices

    Those cookies look delicious! I remember buying cookie dough all the time when I lived in America, but it’s so hard to find in England (even London!) and the staff I ask look at me like I’m a loon.

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    Sophie x

  • MissBrunzy

    Those cookies look amazing, I am such a sucker for cookies and cream!

  • Shannon Rebecca

    The cookies and cream looks AMAZING, total foodporn right there!

  • Alexandra Brimble
  • baileydavis

    I’m with you! Baking and Breakfast are my specialties :) thanks for the great recipes!

  • rougeimaginaire

    I tried the pancakes and everyone in my family loved them :)

  • My Great Desertion

    I’m not really a fan of chocolate but I would try those cookies, they look so good.
    I’m not really a baking kind of person, I can never get it right despite following a recipe closely. I prefer cooking over baking, but I love to eat in general if someone else is doing it!

  • Evangalene Adams

    Everything about this post is beautiful

  • Ash Jobling

    Those cookies look so good! Everytime i try and make them they just don’t taste good enough! I guess im a bit of a perfectionist aha.

  • Amy Pirtle

    Just made the cookies and cream cookies because I’ve been dreaming about them since you posted. OMG! They are unreal…

  • Manisha

    This are my summer vanilla cupcakes ^^ there is the full recipe