Tiger Haul! (My 200th Video)

I can’t believe I’ve created 200 videos on my YouTube channel! What madness!? To celebrate I thought I’d have a blast-from-the-past moment and do a Tiger Haul. Tiger (I’ve since found out) is a Danish company that sells a huge selection of items from stationery to food. All of their products have a Scandinavian feel to them…(think Ikea).

Anyway, I’ve loved Tiger ever since I can remember (watch my original haul video here), so I thought it would be fun to go shopping again for some unique things. I found so many awesome knick-knacks that I adore!

Have you ever been to Tiger? Do you like shopping for odds and ends?

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  • Helen Davis

    Congratulations on your 200th video! I’ve never shopped in Tiger (although your description has just persuaded me to go check them out), but everything looks so cute! Here’s to another 200 videos! :)

    Helen x // Beautiful Curiosities

  • Emily

    A Tiger has just opened near me and I’ve never heard of it before but I adore everything in it. So cute, original and cheap too. Love to see that you’ve mentioned them, I’ll have to check out the stuff you bought :) Congrats on your 200th video !!

    Emily xx // http://www.beautybunnyy.blogspot.co.uk

  • Ellie

    Everything looks super adorable! :D

    Great video and congrats on 200!


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  • Dyxie

    Long time stalker; first time commenter. I laughed and laughed and laughed at the card segment of this video. You bring such joy to my somewhat boring work day. Thank you for just being you. I loved the wrapping paper!

  • Deb Pap

    Just when I was about to curse because we don’t have Tiger in Greece suddenly I discover that they have opened since November here! I sense a grand haul suddenly *grabby hands*

  • http://ginahou.wordpress.com/ Gina

    The mirror is too cute~ and the cards too!

  • Becca Clemenson

    I can’t stand paper straws…I hate the feeling of it on my lips!

  • http://www.vibrantbeautyblog.com/ Jennifer Monforton

    Wow, I’d go crazy in a store like that! You picked up so many fun goodies. The “serial killer” notepad is awesome ;) Congrats on 200! xo

  • http://stainsofpaint.blogspot.com/ Viveca

    Tiger is one of my favorite places. Since I live in Denmark, it’s pretty much everywhere as well, so it’s quite convenient! Love it. Cute things you got! ;-)

  • http://mothcub.tumblr.com/ mothcub

    That’s the perfect shop. I want everything you bought.

  • http://smyrnarybeauty.blogspot.com/ Ezgi Ordu

    omg they’re so cute!


  • Stefanie Meier

    omg these are all so precious!

    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin’

  • angie kariofilli

    we have Tiger in Greece. only in my little town we have 3 shops. it s crazy… :)

  • http://www.wernerbeauty.com/ Teckie

    so cute!

  • Agnieszka

    I would like to thank you so much!
    i could bought all this staff in Warsaw! :) so many different thing, which could be a great idea for a gift to someone :)

  • http://jennificient.wordpress.com Jenni Bee

    I had no idea there was Tiger anywhere outside of Scandinavia! It landed here maybe a couple of years ago, but I just made my first visit in last November. Couldn’t really find that much that I liked – except an awesome mustache bag :D

  • Hope

    Haha, those little chicky napkins are perfect for Easter! H xx


  • Courtney

    Well done Essie…you’ve encouraged me to start my own beauty channel…so thank you!


  • http://www.jedisbonjour.blogspot.com/ Migle

    I also have a slight addiction to Tiger so I loved this video. I love all of your videos because you have a great personality and your videos are always awesome! : ) x


  • Victoria Williams

    They opened a Tiger in Cardiff a few weeks ago and it was so busy I couldn’t look properly so I want to go back and pick up a few things. Especially the shell mirror!

    Victoria | SocialVix

  • sofika
  • Sylvia

    Canada needs a Tiger, stat!!


  • http://rougeimaginaire.blogspot.com/ rougeimaginaire

    It’s Danish :) I remember being in Sweden and when I saw that store I just had to go in. The queen on the card is probably the queen of Denmark, because she has a Danish flag on her dress.

  • http://be-spectacle.blogspot.com/ Kat

    Oh my god, these are the cutest things ever!


  • http://blogaboutnailaddict.blogspot.co.uk/ Gracithey

    Congratulations on the 200th Youtube Video! Tiger’s only just opened in my area, but I am exactly the same as I am loving it. I’ve found loads of little things in there. Some practical, some not so practical…. It’s brilliant.

  • http://veroniquegee.blogspot.com/ Veronica Greulach

    Congrats love! I’m so happy for you, you’ve been able to accomplish SO much! You are by far my fav youtuber/blogger and whenever you post something new I know I’ll have something to look forward to that day. You, Aslan, and Reggie make me so happy :) Xoxo, Vero.


  • Angelica Lindholm

    As a dane, it really is funny that you pronounce the name “tiger” like it’s a tiger (the animal). In danish “tiger” means a 10-kroner coin. It’s about the value of a pound.

  • Evelyn Morales

    Love that wrapping paper, looks like so much fun. Tiger is such a cute little shop, I always come out with stuff I don’t need!


  • http://slothlyf.wordpress.com/ sloth lyf

    oh no… I know what I am going to be doing this weekend now! those pants! the clam!
    last time i visited I returned with far too many flashing bunnies.


  • Amy Taggart

    Loved this! If i’m ever in a bad mood, I watch your videos and they automatically cheer me up! X.


  • Yasmine K

    I loved watching your haul video ! i must admit i’m so tempted to go to Tiger now !

  • https://www.lucymakesup.com lucy makes up

    I wish we had a tiger up here!! Great video as always!!

  • Selena

    I live in Denmark, but I have never bought anything from the store.

  • Karli Z

    I am lusting over all the stuff you bought. I truly wish we had Tiger here in Canada, but sadly we don’t. Chapters Indigo carries similar stuff (even if we are a bookstore) but they are so overpriced!

  • Elena Panayi

    hey Essie you are my favourite blogger!
    i really love your personality you are hilarious :)


  • lisa robb

    I love that shop. The nick nacks are awesome so many random things.

    L x


  • Alwyn

    Wow I want to be friends.

  • Isabel

    Omg Ive watched too many CSI episodes too!!!!

  • http://louiseloveslipstick.blogspot.co.uk Louise Bray

    Never heard of Tiger before, but it looks awesome :D wish their website would ship to me :( <3


  • Matthew De Matos

    I just got a job at Tiger, and I’m obsessed with it. I was telling my friend in Canada not thinking she would know what it was, but she’s been watching your videos for ages & linked me here, so thank you for introducing our Canadian brethren to this wonderful Danish store! You’re awesome.