Review + Swatches: Nyx Butter Gloss

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy love affair of the NYX Butter Glosses started over 5 months ago when my friend Ashley sent me a cute little parcel with lots of lip products including the Nyx Butter Gloss in the shade ‘Vanilla Cream Pie’. I hadn’t heard of them before, but from the moment it graced my lips I was smitten. They come in so many gorgeous colours that (clearly) it’s hard to choose! I now consider myself a full-blown lipgloss lover (I’m shocked too) and these are like nothing else I’ve ever tried. The texture is creamy, smooth, moistruising and soft-nothing sticky about these…nyxI think my personal favourite shades are Peach Cobbler, Vanilla Cream Pie…and…oh hell I love them all! The name ‘Butter Gloss’ really is perfect because it feels like butter on the lips! I can’t say I’ve ever slathered ACTUAL butter on my lips, but I imagine it would feel slightly similar? Let me know if you test that theory.

NYX Butter Glosses cost £5.00 and are available on their UK website and various drugstores if you live in North America!

Have you tried these before? What do you think?
What are your favourite NYX products?

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  • mascarawarriorblog

    How would you say that these compared to the Almay Liquid Lip Balms? I picked up two of them recently, and they smell like what I imagined these would smell like. I remember you mentioned that you liked those, too!

  • Chelsea L

    These are available at Target in the US for about $5! Such a steal for a good gloss that has such great pigment (and smells so good). I only tried this out because you mentioned it in a previous video, so thanks Estee for the recommendation!

  • Danielle

    These look amazing, I think I really need to get my hands on these! Peach cobbler looks like an especially gorgeous shade xx

  • Liz Macken

    Thanks to you I bought my first lip gloss in years! I always avoided glosses because I hated the texture, but your reviews changed my mind. I bought Vanilla cream pie first and loved it so much I went to Ulta today and bought 8 more! Ulta was running a buy one get one at 50% off on the whole NYX line. I also had a $3.50 off $10 coupon, so it was a great deal! I bought cherry pie, peaches and cream, apple strudel, eclair, madeleine, strawberry parfait, merengue, and ANOTHER vanilla cream pie. Thank you for bringing glosses back into my life!!

  • Amy

    Vanilla Cream Pie is so pretty! They all look really nice actually, maybe these will be the first glosses in a while to win my heart :)

    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  • beautopiaxoxo

    These look lovely! I new to get my hands on some now! :)

  • Tanaya J

    I’ve just heard so much about these!

  • Tarte Tanya

    Vanilla Cream Pie looks lovely on you!
    Lovely post!

  • Shopping Obsession

    these have to be my favorite drug store lip gloss. So creamy and buttery. I like the darker shades better than the light shades as they all seem quite similar and sheer on me.

  • Meg Ashfall

    All of the colours are gorgeous! I have a few of these and a few of the matte ones they all feel so smooth on your lips!

  • Julia H.

    I would love to try them out, but here in Germany NYX is so ridiculously overpriced it’s not even cool! For example an eyesahdow palette that retails for about $7 in the US costs about 24€ here in Germany, that’s about $33! Say WHAT?!
    I would be really interested to know how expensive NYX is in your countr?
    Julia xxx

  • charlotte murdin

    I am in love with the cherry one!

    Thank you for sharing


  • Nat

    I REALLY want to get Cherry Pie and Red Velvet, they both look like gorgeous red shades and I’m really into my red lip products at the moment. :D

  • Rachel Pemberton

    I just ordered that Peach Cobbler shade the other day, so pretty! Thank you for this helpful little review!

  • Louise Bray

    I really love the look of these, definitely will be adding some to my basket next time I have an online splurge ;) <3

  • Andie

    I wish we had these in Moscow!

  • Eda Celik

    You totally convinced me to try these, I’m hooked! :-D

  • Candy Caves

    i have a shade that is actually called… Applestrudel ;) For me as a german nyx addict, the perfect name! Ps. in french they call it “Strudel de Pommes”… do the french know what strudel is?? ;)

  • Sarah Mae Bermas

    Cool set :)) I commend the author for sharing this one. Makeup has been my passion since my teenage years.


    ~Pauline @Kallony

  • Ilaria Previati (ilariamps)

    Have you ever tried red velvet or madeleine? I’ve both and are cute but I’d like them to be less transparent.