Review + Swatches: Lorac Pro Palette!!


loracDid you think this day would ever come? My quest for the Lorac Pro Palette finally came to an end when my friend Meghan from Meghanrosette surprised me with the cutest parcel of goodies! Included in the package was the palette I hunted for too many times to count…and I was ecstatic (see this Instagram for proof of that)! For some reason I couldn’t find this palette ANYWHERE and I looked for it every single time I went home to Canada/USA. Let’s not dwell on the past though! Here’s it is….loracYou can probably see that I’ve already put this baby to good use-in fact I don’t think I’ve used any other eyeshadows since I got it! The outer packaging is slightly NARS-esque & you can see that there are plenty of beauty wounds (concealer spillage) on the outer packaging. It’s definitely not an easy one to keep clean, but I still love the look and feel of the packaging. Once you flip it open you’re faced with two rows of eyeshadows. The top row is completely matte and the bottom row has shimmery shades which makes it really easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.
lorac OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou pretty much get it all in this palette. In the past few weeks of using it I often thought to myself “oh, but it doesn’t have a —— shade…” and then I would have to correct myself because it’s in there. I can’t think of a single shade that’s missing from this palette…? Maybe a grey-purple shade? The pigmentation of the shadows is perfection, they’re easy to use and smooth in texture.

The only surprise to me was that some of the shadows are very powdery and loose which causes quite a bit of fallout in the palette itself. Once the colour is on the brush I don’t have an issue with fallout at all, but it’s almost like a lot of the shadows are loosely pressed pigments. Has anyone else found that? It doesn’t bother me, but I thought it was wroth mentioning.

My overall thoughts? This palette is frickin’ fantastic and I’m so happy I finally have it in my life! Thanks again to Meghan for making my makeup dream come true!

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  • Shree

    My friend lives in Canada and she cannot find this palette either. I think it’s a beautiful palette, and it’s definitely on my wishlist!


    • Steph

      Hey! I live in Canada, and I ordered mine from It’s the only place I could find that ships this palette to Canada!

  • Kristina

    Its the only palette I’ve been using lately and just can’t start using my other palettes

  • Madison Blanding

    I want this palette soooo bad! Great post(:

  • Meghan Benson

    Hey my name is Meghan! :)

  • Arundhatee Talukdar

    I totally agree with you on the fallout issue, specially the matte shadows! I have recently got IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty palette and amazed by the buttery-ness of those matte shades. But, I still LOVE my lorac pro

  • Kelly Deering

    can you please do a tutorial on this? please!! I have had this for a while and need some inspiration!

  • Jasmine So

    This is AMAZING~~~~~~ I bought this bcoz of u! This is so so so creamy, smooth & true to colour. I’m totally in love when I’m putting on my eye makeup. Thx Estee ^.^

  • Adaleta Avdic

    What app or feature are you using to be able to have the lines & names of the shadows in the swatch pictures? I would love to know so I can recreate this within my swatches. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance for your help!

  • SuperGreenEyes76 .

    I’m a sucker for a neutral palette, and this is no exception. With being in the UK it has been exceptionally hard to get hard of until I read that someone had purchased it from and shipped to the UK. Well that was it, I had to see for myself and now that I have ordered it I can’t wait for it to arrive…..

  • Anna Conda Bowersconstrictor

    Just bought this palette and find myself going to the same colors everyday. It would be cool if you did a video on different looks from this palette.

  • Nicola Yap

    Omg.. this just sold me on the LORAC Pro. It’s stunning. I’m especially liking Sable and Garnet. But I have three Naked palettes already – I’m banning myself from buying ANY MORE palettes until I’ve hit pan on everything. That’s my goal.


    I like palettes when they have mix of clors and finishes so I am not liking this palette. Good honest review though! All the best.