Holy Grail Roundup with Claire!

This video needs no introduction. Claire is awesome. 

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  • http://books-and-memories.blogspot.co.uk Holly McLoughlin
  • rano

    Best collar ever <3


  • rano


  • http://distritobelleza.com Cindy Virgen

    Love it! You should do more collabs ;)

    Distrito Belleza

  • Yolennie

    Absolutely adored the collab! You guys are so fun together :D



  • Ana Vicioso

    Love you two together!


  • http://www.missjjan.com/ MissJJan

    I love this video!! (& all your HGs!! hahaha)

  • http://cassandramyee.blogspot.co.nz/ CassandraMyee

    Such an amazing video, you and Claire together is electric and so much fun!

    CassandraMyee | NZ Beauty Blog

  • OnestilettoAtATime

    So cute and natural together! More vids please!!

    xoxo One Stiletto At a Time

  • Christine

    Ahhhh!!! Loved this video so much! Seriously would love to just go to dinner with you two and stare at you talk to each other. COME BACK TO DALLAS ESTEE!!! we miss you here


  • http://gifsandgarb.blogspot.com/ Kyra C

    two of my favorite youtubers in one video is too much to handle! I know you love the Lorac Pro Palette now that you finally got one, but did you know there’s a second one?! it looks gorgeous


  • http://thatsmagsforyou.wordpress.com Maggie

    This is so great!!!! New products to try!


  • http://theincmpltyoungsters.blogspot.com/ incmpltyoungsters

    I was mentally preparing myself for this day for so long! Lord, the feels felt from this video was too much for me to take in, i can’t even imagine how much you were internally freaking out during filming this!