DIY Coffee Body Scrub

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I’ve mentioned my love for the FIG+YARROW Organic Body Scrub - Cardamom and Coffee - 4.5 oz. in several videos and posts. It is a lovely, luxurious body scrub that is very hydrating and energizing. Caffeine is also supposed to help diminish the look of cellulite (not sure if it actually does, but that’s what “they” say).

Ingredients Needed:

Ground Coffee
Brown Sugar
Ground Cardamom
Raw Shea Butter

There are many ways to make this body scrub. I basically just eyeballed the amount of each ingredient until it was the consistency I wanted. If you don’t want to use Shea Butter, you can replace it with olive oil/almond oil.

Once everything is mixed together it’s a very hydrating, yet exfoliating body scrub. It smells amazing and my entire kitchen smelled like coffee after I made it! Nice relaxing DIY project! I melted some Cocoa Butter and mixed it in with the Shea Butter. After setting for a few hours, the Cocoa Butter hardened, which made the scrub difficult to use. I would recommend leaving that step out and using just the Shea Butter/Olive Oil depending on how you’re making it.

A jar of my scrub costs around $7.00 to make. A jar of the FIG+YARROW Organic Body Scrub - Cardamom and Coffee - 4.5 oz. costs about 5 times that. Do you think you’ll give this a go? If you do, let me know in the comments.

If you’re not the DIY type, or you want to give the Fig + Yarrow scrub a go, you can find it on FIG+YARROW Organic Body Scrub - Cardamom and Coffee - 4.5 oz..

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