Lord & Berry 20100 Shiny Lipstick In Cherry

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I was not expecting this lip crayon to be half as pigmented as it is. In just one swipe I had opaque, Hollywood red lips. The formula is not sticky at all and is very creamy-it glides on like a dream. These Lord & Berry 20100 (pronounced two-zero-one-zero-zero?) come in 15 different colors ranging from nudes to oranges to this bright red. It has a slight vanilla scent, which is really nice and feels really hydrating on the lips.

I found it to last about 2-3 hours without needing a touch up, so it’s not a long-wearing product by any stretch of the imagination. That being said, it’s really easy to touch this up on the go. I absolutely love the glossy finish it gives and after I applied this I had a sudden urge to go back and add some liquid liner! Oh, the things a red lip can do to me!

Lord & Berry is a really interesting brand that sells unique and fashion-forward products. Their shades are really what drew me in because I think there is such a huge variety. I think “Orange” is next on my list.

Have you ever tried anything from Lord & Berry? I’ve heard their eyeliners are incredible!

It’s available from Amazon and all of your favorite beauty retailers.

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