Essie Nail Polish In Splash Of Grenadine

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It’s not too often that a single nail polish is worthy of its very own blog post, but I think Splash of Grenadine definitely deserves its own slot. There’s a little story to go along with this color (as always)…

A few weeks ago I treated myself to a manicure and was faced with the big wall of choices! I scanned the shelf and my eyes kept redirecting themselves back to this shade. I thought it was a really cute and bright shade and decided to go for it. I filmed a YouTube video a day or two later and was inundated with questions from people dying to know what I was wearing on my nails! Long story short, I couldn’t remember the shade so I ended up going back to the nail salon JUST to see which shade it was. I promptly purchased a bottle and that’s the story. Really gripping, eh?

Anyway, I just think it’s a gorgeous shade for Spring/Summer and it’s available on Amazon and all of your favorite beauty retailers if you can’t live without it either.

What do you think of Splash of Grenadine?

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