MAC Velvet Teddy Matte Lipstick Review + The Best Dupes!

MAC Velvet Teddy review

A nude lip is an essential go-to product for anyone’s makeup routine – whether you’re a makeup beginner or beauty guru! But, let’s face it… finding the perfect nude lip color can be surprisingly difficult. That is why the MAC Matte Lipstick in the shade “Velvet Teddy” has gained so much exposure and popularity among … Read more

The Worthy Dupes of Glossier Boy Brow

6 brow gels being compared to glossier boy brow

I’ll be honest with you: I follow a very basic makeup regime and try to keep it as fuss-free and natural as possible. The more elaborate beauty products are only used for special occasions. Rather, very special occasions – that occur once or twice a year max. One of the most important parts of my … Read more

Benefit POREfessional Pore Primer Review And Dupes

6 difference face primers

Are your big pores getting in the way of your flawless makeup? Do you find yourself retouching foundation or concealer after three hours of applying them? No woman should be subjected to this daily torment. What you need is the Benefit POREfessional Pore Primer! The POREfessional’s balmy texture and translucent formula have been the holy … Read more

Microblading is the Brow Hero We All Need

microblading in salon

If you’re someone who refuses to leave the house without on fleek eyebrows, then you’re preaching to the choir sister! What that also means is I spend a ridiculous amount of time every morning just to shape and fill my brows right. Lately, I realized that waking up an hour early to have extra time … Read more

Choosing the Best Primer for Oily Skin

best primer foundation oily skin

Nothing ruins a night out faster than an oily t-zone or breakout! Going from “matte” to “shiny” before the dinner is served can be a real problem for those suffering from oily skin. If this sounds like you, ditch the anxious nights. An effective primer can help combat excess sebum and keep you looking your … Read more

How to Grow Longer, Thicker & Healthier Eyelashes

growing long lashes

Want longer, thicker eyelashes? Join the queue. While falsies and lash extensions can help to create the illusion of longer eyelashes, both options come with a lengthy list of downsides.  For eyelash extensions, there’s the significant cost. For false eyelashes, there’s the annoyance and inconvenience of having to constantly deal with tweezers and eyelash glue, … Read more

Hot or Not? A Helen of Troy One Step Hot Air Brush Review

Helen Of Troy One Step Hot Air Brush Blow Dryer Curling Iron Review

Whether you’re going out for dinner or want a fun evening with your friends at home, looking nice is essential. When you’ve got something as convenient as a hot air brush, it’ll make your life so much easier. So what exactly can the Helen of Troy Hot Air Brush do? The Helen of Troy One … Read more