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Everyone likes to experiment with their hair, trying out different hairstyles, cuts, and colors. And when it comes to styling, one of the favorite tools is the flat iron. This is particularly true for women with curly hair. In fact, if you like to mix things up and have a little fun with your curly hair, a flat iron is your go-to hair styling tool. However, when you don’t have the right flat iron, the styling tool will do more harm than good.

You have to take the time to find the best flat iron for your curly hair. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of some of the best flat irons currently available in the market. While the RUSK CTC Professional is our favorite, the other flat irons we reviewed are some of the strongest competitors.

What Is the Best Flat Iron for Curly Hair?

Curly hair is more susceptible to hair damage, which is why you need to be extra careful when choosing a new flat iron. Check out our list of some of the best flat irons for curly hair currently available in the market.

RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron

Our Pick

RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron

The RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Str8 Iron leaves hair straight, smooth and shiny and in perfect condition.

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With one-inch heating plates, the RUSK CTC Straight Iron is versatile. It is ideal for all hair types and is effective at straightening smaller and bigger sections of hair. Furthermore, owing to the optimal plate size, you can also use this flat iron to flip your hair and create beautiful hairstyles in just a few minutes.

The biggest reason why RUSK is our top pick is that it employs unique technology that offers excellent results and prevents hair damage. It features Sol-gel technology that makes it easier to pull the iron through the hair without tugging. It also boasts a Ryton Housing, which is a ceramic heater.

Ceramic holds heat very well and exhibits impressive heat distribution. Heat is distributed evenly across the plate, eliminating hot spots. This reduces frizz in the hair, leaving you with soft and silky hair. Furthermore, the ceramic plates are infused with titanium to increase the rate of heat transfer. This means that your flat iron will be ready to use in a few seconds.

To put it simply, this straight iron brings the best qualities of ceramic and titanium in one product. You’ll get the hair of your dreams without damaging your hair.


  • CTC technology
  • Ceramic heater
  • Titanium infused ceramic plates
  • Sol-Gel technology
  • Easy to use with a memory function
  • Lightweight


  • No auto-off function
  • No ready light to show the iron is hot

Where to buy it: Amazon

HSI Professional Glider

The Budget Option

HSI Professional Glider is one of the best flat irons for curly hair and provides great value for money. It is designed with tourmaline-infused ceramic plates that generate negative ions and locks in moisture to reduce frizz. The 1-inch plate width is ideal for straightening all kinds of hair and works well for larger, as well as smaller, hair sections. So, whether you use it to straighten long locks or short bangs, it will create the perfect sleek and shiny look for you.

Furthermore, the flat iron features eight heat balance sensors that distribute the heat and regulates the temperature, reducing the spend time applying the heat. This minimizes heat damage to ensure optimal hair health. Plus, it offers a wide temperature range (140° F – 450° F) so you can choose the ideal temperature based on your hair type and the kind of style you want.

The HSI Professional Glider allows you to style your hair in a few minutes once it is heated. The best part is that its 360-degree swivel cord and floating plates, you can flip your hair to give some extra bounce to your curls. In short, this flat iron offers the largest value. So, if you are on a budget, HSI Professional Glider is the ideal flat iron for you.


  • 8 heat-balance microsensors
  • Ceramic and tourmaline crystal ion plates
  • Travel-friendly with a 360-degree swivel cord
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Includes a travel-size argan oil hair treatment
  • Includes heat-resistant gloves
  • Minimizes heat damage


  • No automatic shut off
  • Takes time to heat up

Where to buy it: Amazon

Ghd Platinum+ Professional Performance Styler

Ghd Platinum+ Professional Performance Styler

This luxurious ghd flat iron recognizes the thickness of your hair and styling speed, adjusting heat across the floating plates as you style for incredible results.

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Ghd Platinum+ Professional Performance Styler brings together the latest heat styling technology. It has Ultra Zone, and predictive technology to ensure more styling and less damaging.

The Ultra Zone technology distributes the heat evenly across the plate, which means you can see results in a single stroke. This protects your hair against excessive heat damage and also brings down the styling time.

The predictive technology predicts the needs of your hair based on your hair type and adapts to give better results. It monitors heat 250 times per second so it remains at an optimal temperature of 365°F. It heats up in about 20 seconds and has a hinge that helps the plates align every time.


  • Ultra-zone technology
  • Efficient heat monitoring system
  • Less breakage
  • Minimizes heat damage


  • One temperature setting
  • Some users complain about product durability
  • Expensive

Where to buy it: Amazon, ULTA

Nume Megastar Hair Straightener

The Nume Megastar Hair Straightener features one-inch plates made of tourmaline ceramic. As a result, the straightener locks in moisture to make your hair feel soft, silky, smooth, and frizz-free. Far infrared technology is integrated to allow the heat to reach the hair follicle without causing any heat damage.

The Nume Megastar also features ion boosters, which amplifies the negative ion conditioning technology. Finally, the ergonomic design of the product makes it easy to use, allowing you to create beautiful hairstyles in minutes. All these features make this product one of the best flat iron for curly hair.


  • Far infrared technology
  • Pure Tourmaline ceramic plates
  • Negative ion conditioning technology
  • Ion booster
  • 360-degree rotation swivel cord
  • Beveled plate design
  • 60-minute automatic shut-off


  • Expensive
  • May be hard to use without heat-resistant gloves

Where to buy it: Nume

Kristin Ess 3-in-1 Flat Iron

Owing to its titanium plates, Kristin Ess 3-in-1 Flat Iron heats up in seconds. It also means that you can see excellent results in a signal stroke. However, since the iron heats up very quickly, it is advisable to be careful while using it. It comes with four heat settings, allowing you full control over the temperature at all times. Heat is distributed evenly to make your hair soft and frizz-free.


  • Titanium plates
  • Even heat distribution
  • Four heat settings
  • Automatic shut-off


  • Some users complain of hair tugging

Where to buy it: Target

What Makes a Flat Iron Good for Curly Hair?

There are many factors that come into play when you’re trying to find the best flat iron for your hair. You want one that minimizes heat damage. So, the first thing you need to do is check out the heating technology that your iron employs. This will give you a pretty good idea of whether your iron will damage your hair or not.

Since curly hair is generally drier than straight hair, look for technologies that lock in moisture to beat the frizz. Also, look for temperature control abilities of the flat iron to make sure you have some control over the temperature.

It is also a good idea to opt for a 360-degree rotatable swivel cord. This will allow you to move the flat iron in any direction and reach the hair at the back of the head without trouble. This seems like a small feature but it can help you big-time if you want to straighten curly hair.

Final Thoughts

The secret to sleek and silky, straight hair lies in the kind of flat iron you choose. So, make sure you make a wise decision and get the flat iron that only provides excellent results but also protects your hair against heat damage. Keeping in mind the needs of curly-haired girls, the RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron is our top pick.

However, if you find it a little pricey, you can always opt for HSI Professional Glider, which is our top budget pick. The other flat irons we reviewed are also good options but they weren’t our favorite.

Check out our flat iron roundup to see our favorites for each hair type.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have curly hair. Should I buy a titanium or ceramic flat iron?

Titanium plates are a better option for you if you have coarse and extra frizzy hair. Since titanium flat irons tend to heat up very fast, it is advisable to use them cautiously. On the other hand, if you’re worried about hair damage, opt for a ceramic flat iron to cut the chance of damaging your hair.

Can I use a flat iron without using a heat protectant?

You should NEVER apply heat to your hair without using a heat protectant. Keep in mind that curly hair is more prone to damage. Therefore, make sure you always use a heat sealant before using a flat iron.

How can I judge the effectiveness of my flat iron?

If you want to find the best flat iron for curly hair by gauging its effectiveness, the easiest way is to see how many strokes it takes you to straighten the hair. The higher the number of strokes, the less effective your flat iron! That’s pretty impractical though.

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