These Are The Best Professional Flat Irons You Can Buy

Best Professional Flat Iron hair straightener
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With so many professional flat irons to choose from, finding one that suits your hair texture and thickness is challenging. If you are not new to flat irons, then you know that the best straightener is one that has ceramic plates. Don’t take our word for it, though!

We would go with the Platinum + Professional Ceramic Flat Iron by GHD. It has great features, like ultra-zone predictive technology that adjusts heat according to your hair’s needs.

Read our reviews about the top professional flat irons and you will find out which one is the best for you.

What Makes a Good Professional Flat Iron?

“A professional flat iron is like a flat iron that you would buy from a store. The only difference between the two is that the former’s straightening plates are made of higher quality materials.”

What Are the Advantages of Professional Flat Irons?

One of the biggest advantages of a professional flat iron is that it lasts longer. The product has greater tensile strength. So if it does fall from your hand or you bump it into something, there’s no need to panic.

Other advantages include:

  • They don’t chip easily
  • The straightening plates are less likely to corrode
  • They heat up pretty fast as compared to ordinary flat irons
  • You can use them more than twice a day and not worry about its heat sensitivity

What Is the Best Professional Flat Iron?

We are rounding up the best professional flat irons so that you know which ones are currently trending in the market. The following are five professional flat irons, which also include our favorite and budget pick:

GHD Platinum + Professional Ceramic Flat Iron

The Platinum + Professional Ceramic Flat Iron by GHD is a SMART styler on our list. Its ultra-zone predictive technology has an ideal temperature of 365ºF which it distributes evenly across the plates.

What’s amazing is that it adjusts the temperature according to your hair’s needs. The iron monitors heat 250 times per second and helps prevent damage.

The wishbone hinge ensures that the plates stay aligned and prevents any tugs. Another unique thing about the flat iron’s ergonomic design is that the plates heat up in only 20 seconds. This protects your hair from damage due to too much heat. The plate guard is heat-resistant, which protects your hand from accidental burns. The Platinum + Professional Ceramic Flat Iron offers a styling speed of 5/5.


  • Reduced breakage
  • Two times more color protection
  • Ultra-zone predictive technology, which recognizes hair needs and adjusts the temperature itself


  • Goes into “shiver mode”, where it blinks and beeps for no reason
  • The heat intensity reduces after a while
  • The plates develop a build-up

Where to Buy It: Amazon

Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron

The Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron is a great flat iron that meets all your requirements. It has tourmaline-infused ceramic plates that prevents breakage and reduces flyaways.

The far-infrared heat ensures that heat is distributed across the plates so that your hair does not have any clumps.

With this iron, you don’t have to worry hair static as the ceramic plates and the ionic moisturizing system takes care of it. The ceramic beveled plates ensure a smooth glide.


  • Tourmaline-infused ceramic plates, which add shine and reduce breakage
  • Far-infrared heat ensures sleek-looking hair, from roots to tips
  • Ionic technology locks in moisture and minimizes static


  • Not long-lasting
  • Leaves behind a burned smell
  • The handle gets hot

Where to Buy It: Amazon

Bio Ionic OnePass Straightening Iron

The Bio Ionic OnePass Straightening Iron brings you a unique technology that will give your hair the ultimate shine and a silky look. Thanks to its Bio Ionic Moisturizing Heat™ technology, the hair locks in moisture, while the nano ionic mineral keeps it hydrated. This removes dryness from your hair and creates a sleek shine.

The ceramic mineral complex and the far-infrared heat ensure long-lasting straight hair with no static. The straightener’s temperature can reach an impressive heat of 400ºF.


  • The Bio Ionic Moisturizing Heat™ technology conditions your hair and keeps it hydrated
  • With the help of far-infrared heat, the temperature is distributed evenly across the plates, which ensures no clumps
  • Silicone speed strips on the plate’s edges, offering a tug-free glide


  • Does not straighten thick hair in one pass
  • The silicone strips are of low quality and the hair gets caught in it
  • Gets too hot immediately

Where to Buy It: Amazon

RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron

The CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron by RUSK is our budget pick. Its plates are made of ceramic, infused with titanium.

It guarantees straight hair in one pass and a shiny and smooth look. If you have fine hair, then this is the flat iron you need. It also has a memory function, which you can use to set a temperature that you can later choose with the touch of a button.


  • The sol-gel technology makes the plates smooth and offers a tug-free glide
  • The plates have Ryton housing, which offers thermal stability
  • Gives perfect results on thick wavy hair


  • After a couple of uses, it starts to shut off after every 30 seconds
  • Faulty temperature settings
  • Not long-lasting

Where to Buy It: Amazon

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron

The Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron by BaBylissPRO features ionic technology. The natural ions help reduce frizz and the Ryton housing offers thermal stability, which prevents your hair from damage due to high heat.

It has 50 temperature settings and its highest heating power is 450ºF, which works wonders on thick hair. It heats up quickly, but the ceramic heater ensures a controlled temperature.


  • Titanium plates of the highest quality, which resist corrosion and deliver ultra-high heat
  • Ceramic heater ensures instant heat and recovery
  • Ryton housing protects hair from heat damage


  • Problems with the temperature
  • Very bulky and harder to handle
  • Not long-lasting

Where to Buy It: Amazon


After assessing the features and the pros and cons, we would say that our favorite is the Platinum + Professional Ceramic Flat Iron by GHD. This SMART styler won us over with its ultra-zone predictive technology.

However, it is a bit expensive. If you want something less expensive, buy our budget pick, the CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron by RUSK.

We review some other great flat irons in our best flat irons article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Get a Flat Iron with Ionic Technology?

Most professional flat irons have ionic technology. This technology maintains a neutral charge on your hair’s surface with the help of negative ions. As a result, your hair looks smooth and conditioned. Moreover, it also reduces static.

Is It Necessary to Apply a Heat Protector Spray Before Using a Straightener?

When using a professional salon-grade straightener, it’s important to spritz your hair with a heat protector spray. If you have fine hair, you will need extra protection and the spray will prevent any breakage as well as weakening of the hair.

My Hair Is Damaged. Should I Use a Ceramic or Tourmaline Flat Iron?

While both materials are great as they lock in moisture, a ceramic flat iron is what you need when you have damaged, fine hair. This material distributes heat and gives a frizz-free look. Tourmaline is for healthy hair. It increases the shine and the volume of your hair.